Prisons Week 2016

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PRISONS WEEK. 9th to 16th OCTOBER 2016


This year Prisons Week was marked by all Christian denominations from 9th to 16th October.

Churches Together in Westminster has published a new booklet of material, collected from a wide variety of sources. The objective is to help ordained and lay people to devise forms of worship, during Prisons Week, which suite the particular style and culture of their churches.

The booklet contains a selection of prayers, readings, hymns and intercessions which are suitable for different sorts of services. There are old prayers by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was Pastor of the Lutheran Church in central London from 1932-1935, and more recent ones by Jonathan Aitkin. It also includes a new quiz about prisons and the penal system, which is designed as an aid for discussion groups at church. There is a list of many of the church lead and secular organisations which are sources of useful information, or provide services within or about prisons and the rehabilitation of offenders. Participants from churches which are “engaged” with the Churches Together in Westminster Prisons Mission, and support the multi-faith Chaplaincy Teams, have contributed to the collection and presentation of this material and add to its value and authenticity.

There are more than 86,000 men, women and children in British prisons today. More than any other nation in Western Europe. All too often these people are “out of sight and out of mind”. Prisons Week provides an opportunity to bring the plight of prisoners and their families to the attention of church congregations. We also think of Prison Officers, Prison Chaplains as well as the victims of crime. What more can our churches and Christian people do to reach vulnerable and isolated folk in prisons, reduce crime and high levels of reoffending ?

We hope that many church members of Churches Together in Westminster made good use of the new booklet, and if so, your comments, advice, experience and suggestions will be of value when we try to be even more helpful next year.

We aim to collect information about the many different member churches mark Prisons Week this year.  Please send us information about services, discussions, talks, meetings and other Prisons Week related activities at your church.  This will enable our Executive to evaluate the value of our inputs, improve material we prepare and distribute next year, and exchange information and ideas among member churches.

John Plummer
Coordinator. Prisons Mission
Churches Together in Westminster
62 Perth Road
N4 3HB

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