The new Churches Together in Westminster Prisons Week booklet is now available here. There is also a poster with space for you to promote details of your own services or activities.  Prisons Week poster

Prisons Week is from 8th to 15th October 2017.

The booklet includes a foreword by Bishop Richard Moth, the Roman Catholic Bishop for Prisons.  There are also both new and favourite prayers, reflections and other material, which we hope will help and encourage more churches, of all denominations, to devise interesting ways to bring this controversial subject to the attention of congregations.  We are concerned not only with prisoners and their families, but with prison officers, chaplains, and all victims of crime.

Members of our Prisons Mission, who undertake regular work in support of the multi-faith Prison Chaplaincy Teams, have devoted a great deal of time and effort into improving this booklet and making it an even more useful resource for both lay and ordained church goers.  Last year our booklet was used by many churches, way beyond London and even overseas.  Some of our members helped and advised churches on how to mark Prisons Week with services, discussions, lectures and other activities.  Some churches reproduced artwork by prisoners, from the booklet in their Orders of Service (with acknowledgements to the Koestler Trust), while others distributed the quiz to congregations to facilitate discussions.  Also attached is a flyer which can be used to advertise your Prisons Week services and related activities.

My colleagues and I are ready and willing to help you to mark Prisons Week effectively.  Please contact us if you would like any assistance.  We would also be grateful if you would let us know how you have marked the week and used the booklet, or other material, so that we can report this in our Newsletter and make further improvements for 2018.

The British prison system is in crisis.  This is the judgement of HM Chief Inspector of Prisons.  We have more men, women and children in our prisons that any other western European nation and our reoffending rates are very poor.  This is contrary to the interests of the whole of society.  The scale of the problem is so huge that our efforts may seem puny, but everything we can do is really worthwhile.  Our prisoners are out of sight, but must not be out of mind.


John Plummer
Coordinator. Prisons Mission
Churches Together in Westminster
62 Perth Road
London  N4 3HB

020 7272 1639


For Videos and links to further resources, reading etc please visit the Capital Mass’ Prison Ministry Resource Page on the link here