Methodist Central Hall

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Name: Methodist Central Hall
Denomination: Methodist
Address: Storey’s Gate. SW1H 9NH

Telephone: 020 7654 3809
Web Site:
Email: Click Here

Please visit the website for times of services and details of other events.

The Church at Methodist Central Hall Westminster is a culturally diverse fellowship. Our mission is to be a vital Christian presence in the heart of London. We offer hope and a welcome to all peoples by sharing God’s love and forgiveness. We seek to make the love of Jesus known to our community and the world through our worship, preaching, prayer, healing, fellowship, service, evangelism and openness to the Holy Spirit. There is something for everyone at Methodist Central Hall.


Methodist Central Hall Westminster was opened in 1912 as a monument to mark the centenary of John Wesley’s death (the founder of Methodism). The site was formerly occupied by the Royal Aquarium (primarily a music hall), which was purchased by money raised through a huge Methodist fund raising venture. One hundred years ago, the Wesleyan Methodists set up the Twentieth century Fund to build Methodist Central Hall. The aim of the fund was to ‘raise one million guineas from one million Methodists’. The fund closed in 1904 with a total of £ 1,075, 727 and the Hall opened its doors to the public for the first time on Thursday 3 October 1912.


Designed by Lancaster and Richards in the Viennese Baroque style with Romanesque decoration, the Hall is one of the finest Edwardian buildings in London. The Great Hall with its magnificent domed ceiling and the Grand staircase are highlights. The dome is the second largest suspended ceiling in the world, being surpassed only by one in Melbourne. The cantilevered design of the galleries was unique at the time the Hall was built. The organ is one of Europe’s finest. Dr W S Lloyd Webber, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s father, was Musical Director for many years. Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat had its premier in the Hall.

Historic Events

On 10 January 1946 the first General Assembly of the United Nations was held in the Great Hall after Prime Minister Clement Atlee requisitioned the building. The Methodist Central Hall has played host to royalty and world statesmen such as Ghandi and Churchill. Queen Salote of Tonga came in 1953 and Mikhail Gorbachov in 1996.

The Church Today

Central Hall today is a lively active Christian community, gathering together Christians from around the world. The multi-ethnic nature of the congregation means that Central Hall is a welcoming place for all, whatever age, nationality or theology. Whilst we preach Christ and the centrality of the Cross, we encourage members to explore issues of faith through various study groups and prayer meetings. Preaching is dynamic and relates faith to the contemporary situation.

Methodist Central Hall has a strong musical tradition. A superb choir singing in a wide range of choral music at the morning service also helps to lead the great Wesleyan hymns and more modern songs. Our monthly Informal Worship provides a more relaxed atmosphere for those who prefer a contemporary style of worship.


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