West London Mission, Hinde Street

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Name: West London Mission, Hinde Street
Denomination: Methodist
Address: 19 Thayer Street. W1U 2QJ

(West London Mission) Telephone: 020-7487-3965   Website: http://www.wlm.org.uk/

(Hinde Street Methodist Church) Telephone: 020-7935-6179  Website: http://www.hindestreet.org.uk
Email: Click Here

Please visit the website for times of services and details of other events.

West London Mission

West London Mission is a unique presence in London, providing pioneering social work among some of the most marginalized members of society and Christian worship in the heart of the city.

The West London Mission has been engaged in social action with the homeless and marginalised for over 120 years. Over this period, we have developed a range of innovative projects which support and empower some of the most vulnerable people in London. The Social Work is overseen by the Executive Director, Jon Kuhrt, who is based at Hinde Street Methodist Church.

King’s Cross Methodist Church

The Chinese congregations at King’s Cross have services in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. They work with asylum seekers and refugees, offering services such as language classes, legal advice and translation. The smaller English language congregation at King’s Cross offers an intimate worship space, and also provides a night shelter for homeless people and a meeting place for women working on the streets. Methodist Chaplaincy House (MCH) is a community of 26 international students living above King’s Cross Church.

West London Mission provides a focus for Christians of many nationalities. Rooted in a Methodist tradition, you will find opportunities for friendship, reflection and social action as well as worship. Click here for more information.

Hinde Street Methodist Church

Hinde Street is a lively and inclusive church, a welcoming community of faith and music, engaging preaching, radical thinking and social justice.


In 1808 a group of local Methodist businessmen purchased a plot of marsh land by the Tyburn Stream which ran down the present route of Marylebone Lane. In the face of opposition from the local land owners the first chapel was built in 1810 and two of Charles Wesley’s children were founder members. In 1887 more land was purchased and a new church built on the enlarged site.

A marked feature of the early life of the church was its children’s work and in 1886 it was estimated that 23,000 children had been through its all day Sunday Schools and so taught to read.

In 1982 the congregation of Kingsway Hall joined with Hinde Street, and the Church became the headquarters of the West London Mission. The Mission has a long history of caring for some of the neediest people in the West End of London.

In 1893 St Luke’s Home for the Dying was opened and became a model for the later Hospice movement. It also pioneered creches for the children of single mothers. The Mission for over 50 years was particularly associated with the Revd the Lord Soper of Kingsway who maintained an open-air ministry both at Hyde Park and Tower Hill.


The present church was built in 1887 to the design of James Weir. The style is Classical with a two storied portico, as has St Paul’s Cathedral. The interior retains the traditional features of a Methodist preaching chapel. The stained glass windows featuring the Christ Child in the Temple was designed by Francis Spear.

Doctrine and Style of Worship

The worship of Hinde Street is within the sacramental liturgical tradition of the Methodist Church. However, the three Sunday services vary in approach. The 10am Communion Service is based on the 1662 prayer book. The 11am Worship is in a structured Methodist style with communion being celebrated twice a month.

The Evening Worship Service is in the round and takes on a more informal nature with contemporary styles of worship. There is an emphasis on preaching, with strong congregational hymn singing.


The church seeks to apply the Gospel to the contemporary world. Its theology is firmly Bible based but open, with people encouraged to ask questions and explore their faith in depth. The congregation delight in their diversity of backgrounds.

Social Outreach

Hinde Street is the headquarters of the West London Mission of the Methodist Church which is involved in extensive social provision across London. It runs two Day Centres for homeless and rootless people, the closest being the West London Day Centre 134-136 Seymour Place. St Luke’s is a residential centre for those who misuse alcohol and drugs with a follow-on day programme. Katherine Price Hughes House is a probation and bail hostel with a high reputation, and the Highbury Counselling Centre is run from the same premises. There are two houses for asylum seekers and it hopes soon to re-open a residential house for young people coming our of care. There is also a student hostel at Kings’ Cross. Hinde Street is the base for Methodist Chaplaincy to Higher Education in Central London.


During the week parts of the building are available for hire. At present it is used by Trinity College of Music and over 30 Twelve Step Groups meet each week.



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