All Souls, Langham Place

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Name: All Souls, Langham Place
Denomination: Anglican Evangelical
Address: All Souls, Langham Place, 2 All Souls Place London W1B 3DA

Telephone: 020 7580 3522

Web Site: 

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Please visit the website for times of services and details of other events.

All Souls Church is an Anglican Evangelical church in central London, situated in Marylebone at the north end of Regent Street on Langham Place. As it is very near BBC Broadcasting House, the BBC often broadcasts from the church.


A.S.L.A.N. (ASLAN is governed under the auspices of the PCC of All Souls Church)

Web Site:

Telephone: 07718 001540

  • by addressing physical, mental and spiritual needs.
  • by giving help and affection without preconditions.
  • by transmitting our joy in Christ.
  • by steadily improving standards of care and support with God’s guidance.

ASLAN provides various areas of service:

  • from dealing primarily with physical needs to primarily mental/ spiritual needs.
  • from dealing with large numbers of people to dealing one-to-two on the visiting scheme.
  • from spending a short time with guests to spending more time with them.
  • ASLAN guests enter the filter at the top, and as we get to know some of them better, they progress through various, ever more personal types of service.

The areas of service are:

  • Tea Run
  • Day Centre
  • Winter shelter
  • Entertainment Evenings
  • Visiting